WL//WH Video Of The Day: MEYVERLIN “Archangel”

Video Of The Day  MEYVERLIN

New Trans Atlantic Francophone guitar pop collaboration between Philippe Lavergne (Les Freluquets) & Thierry Haliniak (My Raining Stars) with the lyrical contribution of Gilles Ramey, under the moniker of MEYVERLIN, connect the Burgundy wine scents of Auxerre, France to the historic college town of Lexington, Virginia by the way of Marne-bathed Creteil, in the South-Eastern suburbs of Paris, through British-tinged melodious and crystalline C86/indie-pop aural harmonies in their first single, “Archangel”, taken from the upcoming debut LP “Daily Events” via Brest based independent label Too Good To Be True, accompanied by an immersive video by Amandine Shoe

Sentimental energetic strums and emotional strewn jangly sparkling guitar melodies burn regretful inflictions into low, organic wistful bass pulses, peppy scattered beats, and high, anxious male vocals slipping desperately into the warm and soothing airy synth swathes expanding horizons of destiny, as confessional lyrics admit defeat and insecurity in a relationship, where hidden moralities and unattainable dreams are at the forefront.

Cloudy, aged layers accumulate with painful subconscious emotions to construct a vintage stream of consciousness. A grainy, windswept musical performance emerges within mesmeric, inspirational overlays depicting soaring seagulls, time-lapsed petal blooms, and grey cloudless skies to illuminate split-screen disconnections with bittersweet melancholy and bliss. Skewed camera angles merge with intimate and evocative eye contact to blend timeless expressions of heartache into a multi-dimensional realm of fate. Swirling smoke screens create marble textures of blurry feelings set against the emotional intensity of a full moon to form hypnotic and surreal atmospheres embedded with universal symbols of beauty, fear, and pain.

MEYVERLIN‘s debut album, “Daily Events” will be on Pre-Order, CD & Digital, from the 1st of October via Too Good To Be True label’s Bandcamp, two weeks before its release date, scheduled for October 15th.