WL//WH Video OF The Day: METAL DISCO “Vile”

Video Of The Day  Metal Disco

Athens, Greece analog technoid electronic act Metal Disco, namely the project, since 2015, of Greek musician Toxic Razor, well known for his partnership with Kriistal Ann in the darkwave duo Paradox Obscur, drops a retro immersive video for the 90s-tinged Industrial track “Vile” taken from the upcoming “Rough & Dirty” EP, due out on July 25, 2021, via his own Werkstatt Recordings.

“Part of this video is from the Max Headroom Signal Hijacking Incident that occurred on the night of November 22, 1987, when the television broadcasts of two stations in Chicago, Illinois were hijacked in an act of video piracy by a video of an unidentified person wearing a Max Headroom mask and costume, accompanied by distorted audio and with a corrugated metal panel swivelling in the background to mimic Max Headroom’s geometric background effect.”

Buzzing revolutions accelerate into a syncopated industrial sound-scape of treacherous, menacing bubbling bass tones crawling hypnotically under the echo of neurotic synth stabs, hissing emissions, and high-pitched transmissions cut in off-tempo slashing snare beats, interspersed by stuttering metallic clangs, while angry, demented male vocals brood in the rot and decay of the hidden global system’s merciless deceptions.

Pale ghostly images shift into an alternate existence where a maniac Max Headroom mask blurs disconnected frequencies into a fearful consciousness of interdimensional tides. Life runs full speed through surreal textures at a slow-motion pace to conceal confirmed identities with flashing strobe light recordings. Eternally forbidden light-speed technology forms a dizzying sway of perception around off-kilter tendencies, to spin out-of-control toward the next unknown destination.

Metal Disco upcoming 4-track “Rough & Dirty” EP, is slated for release, ltd. CD/Cassette & Digital, on July 25, 2021, via Werkstatt Recordings.

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