WL//WH Video Of The Day: MENTHüLL “Hull Sombre”

Video Of The Day MENTHüLL

Gatineau, Quebec‘s dystopic Dark Wave storytellers Gabriel and Yseult, AKA Menthüll emphasise the fresh release of their first 5-track Self-Titled EP through a supernatural video, created by Justin Kileszar, for the chilly, haunting second to last song “Hull Somber.”

The song talks about growing up as teenagers in a small city that was not necessarily conducive to a marginal lifestyle. The lyrics illustrate the need for evasion, nature and sad beauty.

Cold vast wastelands of loneliness and fear drive hypnotic, undulating bouncy basslines through sparkling guitar strings, sheer expanding synth swathes, and steady chugging beats to carry spectral atmospheric dual vocal energies through an intoxicating illusion of deceptive melodies, icy dark moods, and misunderstood fate.

A break from the Summer’s heat leads the mind’s eye of recollection into a winter wonderland fantasy by Justin Kileszar, where gently falling snow and wood-burning fires bring comfort and safety. Dreamy sequences layer symbolic poses with ghostly veiled statues cloaked in shadows and reflections to elicit a mystic ceremonial vibe betwixt a duo and Mother Nature. Ancient powers of lost wisdom turn back time by spinning treetops toward backward motions, whilst stunning alchemical elements transform an intimate sequence into a bewitching interpretation of heartfelt insights.

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