WL//WH Video Of The Day: MENTHüLL “Germe 43” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day MENTHüLL

Hull, Quebec‘s Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult AKA MENTHüLL release a sci-fi video for the dystopian tale “Germe 43” to stir up the debris left behind man and nature’s messy collision.

Ominously warbling bass oscillations rumble along with relentless sonorous, lashing beats, amid distant tinkling piano notes’ bitter strikes, as airy distorted layered vocals stumble and fall into multi-tone frequencies of reckless abandon, cut with the burning pain of wiry guitar strings, lingering hopelessly under the dusty rubble of reverb strewn extinction.

Apocalyptic lyrics ignite the helpless deconstruction of man from an infinite sequence of possibilities, to the half hazardous end of existence at the fate of their own hands, drowning into a collective unconscious, “Together we sink.”

Eye-opening visuals by Artemis (at [email protected]) depict the flip side of Nature’s majesty with an intricate network of fibers connecting the vast isolation, exquisite beauty, and destructive menace that forms the mutant “Germe 43.”

Aerial photography scours eternal green forests, searching arrogantly for the hidden dimensions of a manipulated willow wisp’s hypnotic bloom.  Cotton fragments free themselves by the wind transitioning into a man-made distortion maligned with shredded petals praying to the white rippled sky. 3D animation spins a matrix of lies using a computer-generated strain of demented reality, to create vicious red orbs of mutating destruction through a spectacular prism pulsing unstoppable fear.

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