WL//WH Video Of The Day: MEKONG “Going Numb”

Video Of The Day  MEKONG

Mekong, the ’80s-tinged Post-Punk / Darkwave brainchild of Portuguese composer and musician, relocated to Krakow, Poland, Renato Amorim Alves, returns with his first single, titled “Going Numb”, taken from the forthcoming sophomore album “Danse Danse” via Icy cold Records, paired with the music video by Pedro Viernes.

In ‘Going Numb,’ the hypnotic fusion of Post-punk and Dark-Wave weaves a haunting tale of a girl’s last night out, where the dance floor becomes her sanctuary one final time. Amidst the pulsating beats and disco-inspired rhythm, she embraces the numbness, surrendering to the melancholic melodies that guide her through a poignant journey. The song encapsulates her bittersweet dance, capturing the raw emotions of her final moments before the inevitable darkness descends.

Dramatic, and shadowy the song pulses through the relentless darkened rubbery sways of a deep humming bassline, and skipping hypnotic drum beats, whilst ethereal showers of bleeding guitar shivers, and buzzing forlorn synth drifts slowly surround deeply urgent vocals strained by doomy obsessions.

The evocative shadowy visuals by Pedro Viernes star Liudmyla Radyk as an out-of-control dancer whose endless escapism and addiction strobes and syncs with the pain-fueled downward spiral of the soundtrack. 

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