WL//WH Video Of The Day: MECHANIMAL “Holy Punk”

Video of the Day  Mechanimal

“Holy Punk” marks the return of Greek industrial-tinged synth-punk outfit from Athens, Mechanimal, founded in 2011 by songwriter and music producer Giannis Papaioannou with the lyrical contribution of Freddie Faulkenberry.

Two and a half minutes of joyful and festive rage, a new single that precedes the release of the band’s 4th album “Crux” slated to be released in late January 2020 via Inner Ear Records.
“Holy Punk”, not included in the forthcoming LP, was written during the “Crux” sessions but was completed in December 2019.

A restrained anti-consumerist sarcastic rant, in the group’s distinctive ‘drone’n’roll’ style, “Holy Punk” unfurls with quick, abrasive guitar strums distort and diffuse quirky fizzing synths, interspersed by spacey asteroid disintegration effects as scruffy defiant male vocals restrain anger and hostility against excessive consumerism and misrepresented concern in a dystopian society lacking substance.

Uninhibited lyrics reveal a life of meaningless “chance encounters, truck stops, and Buddy Holly” after betrayal leads a man to seek comfort in a world demented by esoteric distortions exposing “our bodies sluts, our souls are whores,” thus we die alone in the shallow grave of superficial consumerism, repeating nameless acts into oblivion.

The accompanied video is created by more than 7000 images composing the 666 collages of Angelica Vrettou.

The manically arranged digital magazine cut-outs from past eras display the continuum of excess and waste produced by mankind in an attempt to outshine and outlast everyone else. Dissected, mismatched eyes and body parts, with strategically placed hypodermic needles and rusty scissors, satirically shock counterfeit expressions tinted in a putrid neon haze atop an ashen grey backdrop of decay and neglect. Innuendos of a farcical Utopian society manifest in derisive anti-war sentiment and mysterious religious and secret society symbolism insinuate a deeper, more diabolical impetus for the perpetual misalignment of existence.

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