WL//WH Video Of The Day: MECANO Un-Ltd. “Tons of Work”

Video Of The Day  MECANO Un-Ltd.

Longstanding stalwart and distinctive charismatic voice of the Dutch, or rather European post-punk/new wave scene since the late ’70s, Amsterdam based artist Dirk Polak along with his old cohort Mick Ness on guitar and a bunch of fine musicians, namely on this occasion Sin Banovic (drums, bass, synth), Wilco Koster  (piano, Solina organ), Wouter Hakhoff ( trumpet), Mark Ritsema (additional electric guitar/acoustic guitar), and Peter Jessen (additional electric bass/acoustic bass), under the latest moniker MECANO Un-Ltd., keeps on crafting superb elegant and immersive songs of timeless fascination through a heady combination of jazz, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Klezmer, maudit poetry, philosophy and world music suggestions.

The band have just released a thought-provoking music video, directed by Diets Dijkstra, for the poignant atmospheric new single “Tons of Work.”

Meandering piano notes wander solemnly under the intense romantic melancholy of refined male vocal’s sober croon of yesterday’s hope amid warm soothing trumpet blasts rippled by dry, restrained guitar strings, low pulsing bass lines, dim sparkling spirals of organ, and shuffling hypnotic drum beats to stir unsettled lyrics of modern dystopic soul-searching with a pleasantly evocative disharmony of chaotic enchantment.

Subconscious black and white visuals use universal symbols to form a surreal landscape, where an uncertain destiny begins to flourish. Bird’s-eye views soar majestically over a blackened riverbed of fate, whilst insidious shadows encroach along with the timeless interval with hideous strength. Stillness and intimacy weep from the aged eyes of wisdom to time-lapse fragments of dreams under a thin veil of scattered clouds opening inner doorways of the mind into a dreamlike sequence of slow-moving imagery cast in embedded symbols, to reflect on the endless panorama of the mind’s eye of imagination.

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