WL//WH Video Of The Day: MAYFLOWER MADAME “Sacred Core”

Video Of The Day Mayflower Madame

Following 2018’s “Premonition” EP and the North American tour from which I was lucky enough to attend at downtown venue Notsuoh (that’s Houston spelled backward), this year’s full-length sophomore album “Prepared for a Nightmare” from Oslo-based Norwegian 3-piece Mayflower Madame, described by our Mike in his review “so grande and so unique in all” and “grandiose indeed effort”, showcases the band’s riveting and emotion-charged noir-ish blend of post-punk, shoegaze, darkwave and psychedelia, to strike the fine balance between classicism and evolution, raw impassioned energy and tormented sheer melodicism, refined and imaginative songwriting and cohesive and poignant instrumentation.

A brand new music video, directed by Astrid Zerck, for the third single “Sacred Core”, has just been dropped.

“The track digs deep into haunting, psychedelic territories, yet still maintaining our trademark dark and atmospheric sound.”

Hypnotic, crawling textures weave prickling guitar melodies around low creeping bassline and heavy steady drumbeats, while soft and alluring male vocals caress sensual whispers into the haunting tapestry charged with stinging reverb, allowing a sense of slow blistering heat to simmer just below the icy surface.

Symbolic lyrics build a tumultuous atmosphere mixed with beautiful metaphors bathed in crystals, orchids, and moonlight encompassing a journey about being lost, drifting away, and finding a safe haven. 

Black and white video casts vast horizons, beautiful landscapes, and intimate performance in brilliant rays of sunshine, dauntedly haunting shadows, and windswept fluid motion of captivating beauty while time-lapse photography, hazy overlay transitions, and allegoric imagery fill in the soul searching transformation with constant rhythmic movement set against the backdrop of solid and steady surroundings.

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