WL//WH Video Of The Day: MAUSOLEO “Verte Ser”

Video Of The Day  MAUSOLEO

Valencia, Spain-based devotional Post Punk trio Mausoleo, featuring members of Acapvlco, La Bière Ganchosa and Bikini Girls, drop a delectable teaser video directed by Duelo, starring fellow Santa Companha band members Elvira Ridao Cortijo and Mateo Mendez Lopez, for the gripping nostalgic new single “Verte Ser” taken from band’s forthcoming sophomore album via HUMO Internacional, scheduled for release in September.

The band play a vibrant and emotive-ridden brand of Post-punk imbued by the high-tension noisy dark Punk’n’roll of Wipers and Hüsker Dü peppered with Joy Division’s gloomy alienation.

Introspective lyrics brood in a metaphysical transformation of ego death to elicit feelings of fear, pain, and destruction at the behest of transcendence.

An intoxicating blend of restless, rambunctious, and defiant energies weaves steady punchy drum beats, sparkling obsessive jagged guitar riffs, and a meandering, bleak murmuring bass line, into a soul-stirring aura of angst and pain amid an evocative emotional vocal, layering of heartfelt woes, wailing back-up moans, and swathes of organic humming sensations swaying in the toxic tendencies of dire resurgent dreams.

The interpretive video blends alternating dimensions of dark strobing disorientation with open outdoor beauty to evoke contrasting feelings of bondage and freedom. Grainy performance footage instigates disassociative urban moods whilst universal symbols and toiled fields invoke rituals of purity, innocence, and rebirth over the mind’s eye of imagination to awaken subconscious thought forms from the somber slumbers of modern dystopic existence into the visions of our ancestral archetype’s hopeful insight and wise meaning.

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