WL//WH Video Of The Day: MAUD ANYWAYS “Move Forward”

Video Of The Day  Maud Anyways  

For those who enjoyed the amazing debut full-length from Meyverlin at the end of 2021 and fancy the utterly melancholy and nostalgic 80s-tinged guitar pop sounds, set between Sarah and Creation Records, they would do well to take note of the equally delicious and captivating French one-woman band named Maud Anyways, who launched the new year with her new and fourth single, “Move Forward”, which, in the wake of the previous track “Boundaries”, showcases an alluring, slightly menacing, post-punkish throbbing bass on the foreground combined with distorted breezes of shoegaze-style shimmering 6-string reverb.

We all have to find our personal way and we have to give our meaning and sense to what may appear weird…We have to give our life its own meaning and stop being told what we should do …

“Move Forward” poetically drives through the bittersweet swings and emotional challenges of finding personal meaning in life.

Dense and groovy vibrations slowly emerge from warbling organic bassline digs, obsessively repetitive bleak and dull ripples, along with driving punchy drum beats, layering expanding nervous moods around high fearful breathy vocals to deliver shivering angsty freedom into intoxicating swirls of reverb-dusted guitar bursts, liquid dazzling synths swathes, and distant ceremonial howls.

The black and white DIY visuals extract unease and perplexity from a subconscious well of soul-stirring imagery. An intimate and evocative performance stirs anxious urban dwellings, country road excursions, and universal symbols into a repetitive flow of motion to draw comfort and confusion amid skewed camera angles, keen editing skills, and soul-stirring creativity to create a beautiful yet disorienting slice of life video.

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