WL//WH Video Of The Day: MARY “Isolate Yourself”

Video Of The Day MARY

Toronto once again, last week the excellent preview of the debut Wire Spine‘s album, the long-awaited Actors full-length is finally almost at the finishing line, and now even a new song, paired with the visuals, from an artist very dear to me as the emotional and intriguing post-punk one-man project of the enigmatic Kuba Rygal.

In “Isolate Yourself” starts right back where he left off in a slightly unpredictable and extremely persuasive way, his deep usual love for the 80’s synths is merged in an apparently ecstatic and melancholic sea of reverb-drenched guitar layers, immediately punctuated by a crisp, ominous and hypnotic bassline and the Kuba’s melancholic yet dour crooning voice, in intriguing and unique alchemy of an atmosphere both ethereal and brooding, soothing and disturbing, that will drown and daze your dark senses, just ‘isolate yourself’.

Check out the in slow-motion shades of white & red of the amazing ‘liquid’ video.

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