WL//WH Video Of The Day: MARTES NIEBLA “Cicatriz / Scar”

Video Of The Day   Martes Niebla

Spanish five piece Dream Pop/Shoegazers Inés Olalla, Cristian Bohórquez, Erica Pender, Davis Rodríguez and Paco Arenas AKA Martes Niebla come from a litany of  Sevilla-based bands such as Blacanova, Terry vs. Tori, Escuelas Pías and Beladrone to drop an abstract video for the subconcious track “Cicatriz”, the second single taken from their debut LP to be released in October 2021 via El Genio Equivocado.

Infused with early 4-AD rapture, punchy, arrhythmic drum beats scatter amidst a slow seething mesmeric reverb-infused swarm of ethereal, iridescent guitar drops, on which sinuous silky dense bass palpitations wallow, sparkling and sizzling refracted with introspective surging blazes of warmth swelled by searing wistful flourishes around Spanish female vocals layering hazy breathless passions with high whispering echoes to form a calm dreamy concoction of soul-stirring bliss.

Esoteric lyrics dig into the rare nuances of an untapped, precious energy source using the shadows and textures of the Earth as a mysterious map to open the mind and awaken the senses.

Surreal textures, formed through the editing techniques of Davis Rodríguez, capture a hazy walkthrough muted horizons, where hidden messengers and universal symbols shape-shift ancient ruins to reveal a secret wisdom. Tragic memories build psychic bridges over a shadow existence where masks slow frequencies with unseen signals and unheard transmissions. Windows of pain form trace overlay from cloudy skies causing a psychological rift between circles of life by hypnotically shrouding sight through vertical fields of gold while recorded gateways of the mind loop directions into alternate paths of resistance, allowing travel emerging in a symbiotic motion of time.

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