WL//WH Video Of The Day : Marta Raya “Those Severe Times”

Video Of The Day

We’ve already talked about the song “Those Severe Times” (here) and the “obscure, bizzare, gloomy… wave triste” from Poland-born, Berlin based, former one half of Monowelt, artist Marta Raya.

Since then a beautiful debut solo album last May, “Hidden Emotions”, filled with dark synths and haunting vocals, and lots of amazing shows around Europe.

Now the new nostalgic ‘old-movie style’ video filmed by Sebastian Wagner, too bewitching to be missed.

A mysterious figure shrouded in black walks down a cemetery path as her diaphanous shawl flows in the wind. Dark harrowing analogue synths fill the air with intrigue and secrecy. Ominous skipping backbeats bounce and synths swell as her face is revealed. Vignette views and fluttering lights frame the distressed heroine writing in a journal. Distant pleading vocals slowly permeate into the miasma of sound as facial expressions search the air for repressed memories. Restrained moans hide behind the bulging beats of the drum machine as she looks down at her empty hand, torn journal pieces scattering in the wind. Dire quivering synths shrink with fading backbeats as the camera pans out begging the question…… Undiscovered or left behind?

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