WL//WH Video of the Day: MARTA RAYA “Laurentiustränen”

Video of the Day Marta Raya

The fascinating, dark and sensual synth-infused ‘wave triste’ from Berlin-based, former one half of Monowelt, Polish-born musician and noir-chanteuse Marta Raya is certainly always a welcome guest hereabouts.

The Polish-born artist has just dropped the video for the song “Laurentiustränen”, taken from last year’s sophomore album “Reflection” due to be re-released, as limited 12″ vinyl LP edition, next February 2020 via EINS:ZWEI:ACHT.

“Laurentiustränen” is introduced by swirling windswept storm effects that fade into stoic steady beats with buzzing, hazy, pulsing bass tones pierced by sphinxlike eternally dramatic synth riffs evolving into eerie sinister melodies, surrounded by strong subdued howling vocals mesmerizing mysterious magnetism.

Sober lyrics observe the annual Summer meteor shower along the Perseids constellation known as “Laurentius Tears” where stars fall like tears to their death as “drops of sorrow” revealing an exquisite beauty that keeps them eternally alive in the memories and longings of those lucky enough to witness their tragic fall and sustain them as one of life’s strange riddles.

The spellbinding video is the result of the collaboration project of Jack Dkwrth and Georgina Penstkart, known as “Flustervision”, wondrously shot over unspoilt magical Scottish landscapes. Marta set against the backdrop of cosmic imagery soaked in negative photography hiding faces formed in jagged rock blasted into smooth stone ground sand becoming a moving mosaic bathed in earth tone essence connecting the cosmos to star-struck Egyptian lined eyes fluid black movement as it dances through flashing jewel-toned skies amid a maze of ruins grasping hand over heart in the universal funeral procession of life.

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