Video Of The Day Margaritas Podridas

Hermosillo-based, young Mexican four-piece Margaritas Podridas, made up of Esli Meuly (guitar), Carolina Enríquez (bass, voice), Rafael Armenta (drums, guitar, synth) and Alfonso López (guitar), debuted in 2018 with a seemingly acclaimed album “Porcelain Mannequin”, we unfortunately missed, ready to make amends dealing with the new single “Pétalos Mordidos”, second of the band’s come-back year.

Dubbing themself as ‘noise band with grunge and shoegaze influences’, the quartet have added a boldly insistent and alluringly snaking post-punk bassline to the mix, delivering twitchy, intense, and snappy bursts of riveting melodic propulsiveness, laced with heartfelt lyrics about domestic violence.

Pulse-pounding, fast-paced drums trigger dense and bleak serpentine bassline, pierced by an intricate meshing of hypnotizing edgy stabs and abrasive fidgety restrained guitar distortion, meandering around aloof female vocals, alternating with beautiful cries of isolated pain, falling helplessly into a world of “Pétalos Mordidos.”

The music video, directed by Karl Neudert & Margaritas Podridas, manipulates spinning auras glitched in flashing neon hues and bleeding psychedelic filters to weave cultish footage of a live performance with ritual imagery to eliciting inner feelings of demented chaos, as acid steampunk cut scenes, laced in mechanical gears and hypnotic pendulum swings, vex into a manic eyed split-screen confusion. Exotic jungle animations placed over a remote woods gathering warp time and space, while demonic transitions shapeshift possessed make-up traces into blood-stained faces reflecting tired, glossy, ghost-like gazes.

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Photo by @rebecabecerracusi 

Written by Fabrizio Lusso and Catt Gillette (video part).