Video Of The Day  Margaritas Podridas

Hailing from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, 4-piece Noisy/Grunge/Shoegaze band Margaritas Podridas began in 2015 with Carolina Enríquez and Sofía León to combat sexism in the music and media industries.  One year later Rafael Domínguez and Esli Meuly joined and a more concrete, unique, and colourful sound developed as they draw inspiration from the aggressive-sensitive sounds of the ’90s and the lo-fi vibes of 2020.

The band release an enticing supernatural music video in the form of a Shakespearean Comedy directed by Karl Neudert for their third single of the year, the psychedelic-tinged “Ceremonia”, starring Carolina Enríquez (purple fairy), Rafael Armenta (yellow fairy), Esli Meuly (blue fairy), Poncho López (red fairy) and Gisselle Terán (witch).

Abrasive, grinding guitar scrapes prickle along with lazily repetitive hypnotic rhythms, and dense, wiggly pulsating bassline, lingering and vibrating amid brittle shimmering melodies, while falling, lost, and distant female vocals fade in and out to pierce the narcotic layers of dreamy, celestial bliss with long drawn out breaths and asymmetrical wobbly tones to form a tantalizing psychedelic reverie.

Whimsical lyrics draw from the mystical elements of nature to breathe life and charm into an enchanted forest left wishing under forbidden skies.

Never bashful, always on the edge MP release a hippie witchy video lit in dark ethereal fairy dust and magic lysergic mushrooms. Vibrant butterfly wings bounce hypnotically through the painted green landscape’s majestic glow, while glittering silver-streaked braids, twinkling, spinning skies, and breathtaking views lie captive under the spell of the wicked witch, whose secret blonde ambition reveals underlying drama beyond the fabled lair of the white rabbit.

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