Video Of The Day Margarita Quebrada

Joining the dots between post-punk, new wave and synthpop, ’80s inspired Valencia-based duo Margarita Quebrada, started in the Summer of 2019 by Nacho López and Miguel Yubero, after just a couple of singles under their belt, appear to be one of the most interesting up-and-coming indie Spanish bands with danceable and gripping sound at the same time tense and emotional, energetic and melancholic with a distinctive somber melodic quality.

The band have just released the Official Music Video for the riveting and dizzying sophomore track “Luces” off their forthcoming debut album later in the year via independent label Jabalina Musica.

Darkly nostalgic and restless moods fuse into the prickling abrasiveness of urgent guitar melodies, solid punchy drumbeats, low throbbing bassline, and sharp eerie synth chords, as hazy brooding male vocals fall and float underneath a reverb-drenched layer of chaotic tension.

Lyrics unravel a dialogue full of conflict, pain, and denial, as a man refuses to embrace the lights and wreaks havoc in his own life.

The nightmarish video, directed by @_enredo and @tuica, captures a dreamy dimension alternating between flashing strobe light effects, a red grainy filter, and a suggested crime during a mysterious night’s shenanigans.  A suspended body dangles motionless while scenes transition between a frantic car dousing with gasoline and a hypnotic disco ball reflecting doubt and suspicion over obscured faces, to paint a chilling portrait in the mind’s eye of the imagination.

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photo by @mijail.morales y @leruevintage