WL//WH Video Of The Day: MALEFIXIO “La Sombra”

Video Of The Day MALEFIXIO  

In September of 2016, Barcelona based Gothic/ Post Punkers Eva Lady Stardust (Vox, Lyrics), Jordi Nozin (Guitar), and Mauricio (Bass/Drum Programming) formed Malefixio to combine elements of Post-Punk, Darkwave, Death Rock and Shoegaze into a goth-tinged dark frenetic vibrancy of intoxicating esoteric bliss.

We featured Malefixio‘s “La Maldad” visuals off of the band’s debut LP “Culto a lo Invisible” in 2018, now we are thrilled to host the new bewitching video for the mystical and haunting track, “La Sombra”, that gives us a tantalizing tease from their upcoming sophomore album, “Magia Ceremonial”, due out sometime in 2022.

The supernatural Deathrock strewed “La Sombra” spawns dusky electrified domains combining obsessive chugging and serpentine bass lines, frantic metallic swarms from abrasive distorted guitar riffs, and steady tinny beats into a cathartic portal around strong, revealing female vocals releasing powerful trembling spells and ceremonial echoes through nocturnal poetic lyricism to expand levels of eerie sinister synth strains into translucent manifestations of emerging aural vibrations.

Cool tribal, cultural adornments draw from the lore and mythology of the ancients to illuminate the crepuscular lyrical realm betwixt day and night, where the astral universe holds dormant awareness etched in our DNA visible only during awakened dreams. Flashing red strobe lights open alternate dimensions of perception over a ritual performance, whilst split-screen transfixions dissect archetypal imagery into universal symbols of metaphysical energy. Evocative dance choreography, penetrating eye contact, and shape-shifting editing invoke insight, wisdom, and inter-dimensional contacts to transform modern dystopic omens with the ancient power of occultic knowledge. 

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