WL//WH Video Of The Day: MALEFIXIO “La Maldad”

Video Of The Day MALEFIXIO  

Formed in 2016, Malefixio, the acronym of two Spanish words ‘maleficio’ (spell) and ‘defixio’ (a Mediterranean curse), is a power trio from Barcelona, comprised of Eva LadyStardust (voice), Jordi Nozin (guitar) and Mauricio (bass), deftly mixing deathrock and old-school post-punk with ritual sounds.

After last year’s very promising 2-track demo, the band are going to release their debut album “Culto a lo Invisible” via Helsinki‘s Fairy Dust Records.

The first preview “La Maldad” is poignant and spellbinding right from the start, a rousing drum machine drives the sinister gloomy rite, the perfect interweaving between the distorted, sharp and clear, reverb-drenched guitar and the throbbing bass lies the foundation of the eerie and intriguing doom soundscape, enhanced by the stand-out hypnotic Eva’s vocals, with hints of the classic post-punk vibe of Xmal Deutschland, defy the society’s scrupulous eye of hatred versus the ‘black sheep’.

Malefixio have the rare ability to melt and blend the heritage of 80’s gothic rock and dark post-punk into a fresh and modern take, adding new energy, urgency, vitality and mystique to the genre. 

We are totally ‘Malefixed’…

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