Video Of The Day  MALE TEARS

Attracted by electronic music from an early age, Los Angeles based artist James Edward formed Male Tears in 2019 as a solo Dark Synth-Pop act to manifest a vision for a Gothic love affair with the 1980s New Wave scene.  Joined by Frank Shark in 2021 the theatrical duo drop a heady video for the achingly erotic new single, “DOMIN8”, via Hushclub Ltd.

Blunt lyrics dwell in a land of oppressive sorrows, where freedom from choice causes feelings of guilt and pain to lose their soul in an abyss of pride-less domination.

Dim, Cold, and warped frequencies transfix buzzing, jagged bass tones, slow marching beats, and brittle icy stabs into thick waves of disconnected dreams around an atmospheric vocal layering cast in tormented agonies, haunted echoes, and primal groans, to build tension and fear before falling weak and hollow through an intoxicating force of sinister wishes and numb dissociation.

Strobing nightclub auras and retro-modern style set the stage for an entrancing performance with Male Tears. Gothic make-up, penetrating eye contact, and a surreal flow of motion sync seamless with the multi-dimensional tones of the soundtrack whilst stumbling dance moves, universal symbols, and suggestive hand signals invoke dark ritual vibes from a desperate vision of self-inflicted danger.

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