WL//WH Video Of The Day : MAGIC SHOPPE “These Boots Are Made For Dying”

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Magic Shoppe, is the Boston, Massachusetts based shoegaze/psychedelic project by Connecticut-bred guitarist/vocalist Josiah Webb, former drummer in the 90’s shoegaze band Difference Engine, actually a 4-piece with guitarist Richie Gibson, bassist Stevie Moonboots, and drummer Dave Mulvaney.

Since their debut EP, “Reverb”, in 2010, the band, gradually distancing themself from the early unavoidable references to early Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks, have developed and refined their own distinctive sound enough to stand out from the undistinguished neo-folk-garage-psychedelic cauldron, up to forge their personal brand of ‘hypnotic reverb rock’ and to establish themself as one of the most respected guitar band of the international scene.

“These Boots Are Made For Dying” is the first single taken from the upcoming 8-track third full length “In Parallel” due out August 31st, also in limited coloured vinyl edition, via their own Little Cloud Records (US) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK/EU).

Once again it’s the hypnotic, warm and enveloping murky, reverb-laden guitar sound that elevates and resonates throughout. Droning, dense and minimal, backed by a solid and steady rhythm section and effected distant vocals, at once beautifully restrained and overflowing with passion and emotions, proof of a band with a unique knack for crafting intense and vibrant melodic soundscapes of precious sonic artistry.

Rooted in the 80’s psychedelia and deeply interspersed with 90’s noise-rock and shoegaze elements while maintaining a thoroughly modern edge, “These Boots Are Made For Dying” is the perfect way to set the tone of the new album.

The band will be on 3-week European /UK Tour next October, not to be missed if you’re in the surroundings.

Check out the nocturnal and shadowy video about extremes and contrasts, light and dark, fast and slow, low and high volumes.

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