WL//WH Video Of The Day : MAGIC MIST “Flare Path”

Video Of The Day

From the few infos I could find, Magic Mist is a new band based in East London made by former members of BAANEEX  and then Giant Burger, still the same 4-piece,  Joel S (guitar), Oli D (bass), Owain Paciuszko (keyboards, vocals) and Rosie Martin (drums, vocals), just changed the name, their sound and ethos, also their label, Cardiff’s Odd Box Records, is still the same.

“Flare Path”, the A-Side of debut two-track digital single “Flare Path / Tentacle Finger”,  enfolds a dense webs of flanged, intertwining, enrapturing Cure-esque guitar leads meshing brilliantly with groovy deep basslines and increasingly eerie keys, underpinned by plaintive, obsessed, sometime angry, female vocals, conveying a deep sense of hatred and despair.

An exciting fresh start…

The video, directed by band’s keyboardist Owain Paciuszko in a desert greater London, depicts their anger and frustration through dancing, due to their country involvement in wars they do not believe in?