WL//WH Video Of The Day: MADMOIZEL “Send Me The Light”

Video Of The Day  

French classically trained compelling multifaceted synth artist and mesmerizing chanteuse, MADMOIZEL, draws from the nuance of Post Punk, New Wave, and Neo-classical realms to bring a dark, enchanted, transcendental dance floor anthem in the latest video release, “Send Me The Light” taken from the latest 10-track album, “Blue”, via Belfast-based independent label TONN Recordings.

A cold tenebrous droning ecstasy of arousing, undulating bass tone danger clipped by steady marching beats pulls haunting, swirling celestial hums around the magnetic passions of Madmoizel’s signature bewitching vocal layering, casting Siren-esque shrieks, depth defying echoes, and sensual whispers through uplifting lyrics calling, “Send Me The Light” into a new day of bright unfettered dreams. 

Supernatural black and white imagery travels through the hidden doorways of the universe to extract ancient archetypes from the subconscious dwellings of the mind. Ghostly reflections, trace overlays, strobing lights, and transformative shadows project cosmic wanderings onto a dramatic performance of time-lapsed momentum to invoke inner wisdom from the shape-shifting sands of time.

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