WL//WH Video of the Day: LYSCHKO “der Gang vor die Hunde”

Video of the Day  LYSCHKO

Hailing from Solingen, Germany, Lyschko is a ‘Neue Neue Deutsche Welle’ 4-piece, made of Felix Ring (drums), Jonah Holzrichter (bass), Lukas Korn (guitar), Lina Holzrichter (vocals/guitar), melding modern post-punk with 80’s tinged new wave.

The band’s debut EP “Stunde Null” has just been dropped via Hamburg based independent garage label La Pochette Surprise Records, accompained by the videoclip for the opening song “der Gang vor die Hunde”

Five songs rife with refreshingly minimalistic and bracingly visceral post-punk made of jittery and piercing guitar chords switching on sudden sharp outbursts of energetic and angsty electricity underpinned by winding, melodic, pulsating bass lines and lithe drumming fuelled by forlorn female vocals oozing intense feelings of sadness, isolation, unease, alienation, anger and deep, gloomy melancholy.

Woefully sparkling and vibrant jangly guitar melodies wriggling around together with dense slithering bass lines and nimble drums establishing a poignant atmosphere of urgency, confusion and transgression as harsh, combative, and restrained female vocals of unrelenting vigor, stirred by abrasive, stabbing guitar riffs, shift between cries for attention, and helpless howls.

Awash in obscurity, a song about the the brief moment wherein lies the transition from clarity to insanity. A shift in the senses,“tunnels like looks or looks like tunnels” identify when illogical rants become an altered state of reality. An intense paranoid landscape of hallucinations, disordered thought, and irrelevant inconsistencies on the brink of losing touch with discernible sensibility. The thin grey line between lucidity and madness exposed in this terror.

A childish display of rudimentary charicatures change form and balance to create a less serious companion to the lyrics. Cartoon sketches of shooting stars and a fun-loving dancing panda allow for a bigger focal concentration on sound. Instruments reveal a deep, dark world of suspicion and tragedy.

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Photo by Lukas Kleimt