WL//WH Video Of The Day: LUZ FUTURO “Vivir en una isla”

Video Of The Day  LUZ FUTURO

Fresh from his Remix of Twin Tribe‘s “Dark Crystal”, Canary Islands bred post-punk musician and producer Daniel Benavides AKA Luz Futuro drops a mesmeric DIY video for the wistful new single “Vivir en una Isla”.

Enshrouded in the ethereal neon glow of ’80s new-wave, long-lost atmosphere imbues steady driving drum beats, bleak undulating throbbing bass lines, and a weft of glistening, hypnotic guitar melodies into deep-felt, nostalgic pain over passionate male vocals brooding in hopeless despair and diminishing croons under the rise of eerie reverb strewn strings disassociated effects.

Nihilistic lyrics capture the absolute desperate and bleak isolation from being stranded on a deserted island waiting to die.

Red and blue dimensions extract somber moods from social memories, an emotional performance, and a reflective seashore to build sorrow and dread into a sentimental dreamscape. Penetrating eye contact and expressionless facial features draw desolation and glum over a contemplative collage of inner turmoil. Distant, lost horizons of organic joy alternate with heat-seeking editing techniques to disintegrate humankind’s existence with electronic fiery skies and digital split screen overlay expansions.

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