WL//WH Video Of The Day: LUNAR TWIN “Leaves”

WL//WH Video Of The Day  Lunar Twin

Following the highly praised 2017‘s “Night Tides” EP, LUNAR TWIN, the dark, cinematic, soulful Dreamwave music project born out of the meeting of two kindred spirits living in different places, Hawaii‘s based Bryce Boudreau (lyricist, vocalist) and Salt Lake City‘s Chris Murphy (multi-instrumentalists, producer), have announced the long-awaited release of their debut full-length album “Ghost Moon Ritual” due out on February 16, 2020, Vinyl, CD and Digital, via Tropical Depression/Desert Heat, previewed by the new single and accompained video “Leaves”.

The neon-lit and mesmeric “Leaves” uncoils low, thumping mid-tempo drumbeats that skip and drag igniting crispy sparks, as the electrically charged basslines throb and buzz ominous undulations of lost love and heartache, merging into dreamy organic synth swells that soar high above to form a lush, soothing and emotional atmosphere for the alluringly charismatic and sensually longing vocals to sing sweet sexy sadness.

Frail Chinese lanterns sit atop light posts casting a warm glow across the unpredictable metropolis looming on the horizon. Dramatic and thought-provoking imagery, including a gravity-defying suspension bridge, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and intense soulful longings conclude, “Here comes the fog rolling in again, across bridges, across bays, through the streets we lived again, forty-four degrees”.

Bittersweet lyrics form a mesmerizing free flow of consciousness, comparing the changing seasons with the beauty and harsh magnificence of Mother Nature. Poetic words with a Zen-like quality reveal an honest and understanding view of the Universe that bends like a willow branch in a gusty storm thus allowing the proper amount of flexibility necessary to survive.

An avant-garde video, directed by California native Zoey Nguyen, illustrates with a “collage of clips from time periods and eras” of the past atop the backdrop of the Bay Area‘s colorful and unique history. Lunar Twin star as themselves, performing “Leaves” in a local venue to bring Nguyen’s concept to life in a mysteriously romantic and captivating soundtrack.

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