WL//WH Video Of The Day : Lunar Twin “Coral Sea”

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In the music project of the Hawaii-based L.A.‘s Bryce Boudreau (lyricist, vocalist) and Salt Lake City-based Chris Murphy (instrumentalist, producer), called Lunar Twin, the ‘natural world’, the ocean and the desert that respectively surround them, has always had a strong impact and are a crucial inspirations for their dreamy and immersive soundscapes.   

Last year beautiful mini-album “Night Tides”, via Moon Sound Records, was highly inspired by the ocean, the “ebb and flow of the tide and the effect the moon has on it” stated Chris in an interview I had with the duo.  

Six intriguing ‘synth-wave’ gems, with slightly darkly nocturnal undertones, made of seductive , elegant and emotional synth layers, piano notes and smooth touching beats enriched by Bryce’s alluring noir-ish voice. 

As I wrote before ‘electronic soul music’ at its most suggestive and creative peak, absolutely to be rediscovered!

The imaginative visuals, shot in the Hawaii and Benevento, Italy, directed by the talented Italian filmmaker Simona Lonardo, amazingly evoke the inner overwhelming primeval elements and the natural deep feelings that “Coral Sea” breathes.

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso