WL//WH Video Of The Day: LUNAR PATHS “A Star at Dawn” (Full Length Video)

Video Of The Day Lunar Paths

Lunar Paths, the nuanced Dark Wave / Post-Punk transatlantic collaboration of two veterans of the original northern UK goth scene, Kevin Hunter (Chicago, Illinois) and Diane Dubois (UK) have released a full-length video by John Hudson for the ethnic-infused stirring new single “A Star at Dawn.”

“Wouldn’t life be wonderful if human beings could wake up one morning and simply decide to stop fighting each other and start working together, for the benefit of everyone and the entire planet? Isn’t that what most of us want? What’s stopping us? Haven’t we got more in common than the superficial things that continue to see us at each other’s throats? We’re pretty confident that we’re not alone in thinking like this, and reckon that anyone with half a brain and a passing interest in current affairs must feel the same strange mixture of despair and longing.”

“A Star at Dawn” is an uplifting poem about rising above hate and adversity, that staggers through the hypnotic drive of thudding percussive patterns, amidst a compelling whirlwind of distant droning ‘fog horn’ blows, brittle metallic shakes, dry exotic strings and vibrant fluting Middle Eastern melodies to surround lush crystalline vocals with rich heartfelt harmonies of unity and strength.

Symbolic visuals filmed by John Hudson place an evocative East Coast beach in England behind a breathtaking performance by Diane Dubois as she wears elegant, flowing, black-to-red garments. An array of suggestive editing techniques such as computer ‘hand drawn’ embellishments, strategic use of color, and transformative overlays give birth to Lunar Path’s epic vision. 

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