WL//WH Video Of The Day: LUNAR LOCK “Black Dagger”

Video Of The Day  LUNAR LOCK  

Since March 2021, French Post-Punk two-piece band, Lunar Lock, draws from the moody suggestions of Joy Division, Molchat Doma, and Lowlife stirred into an array of bittersweet emotions, to craft a minimal, nostalgic, and cold melodic sound conveyed from evocative vocalizations, drum machines, synthesizers and bass.

The duo’s second single so far, “Black Dagger”, deals with confessional lyrics that seethe in the disastrous ruin of betrayal and blame to unleash heartbroken sentiments of pain, suffering, and anger.

“Black Dagger” borrows the urgent bleeding angst and nostalgia of 80s Post Punk, with nods to early The Go-Betweens, through winding, and obsessive sharp and sparkling jangly guitar ripples, to capture the discomforting restlessness of young hearts wading in sinuous humming bass lines and steady punchy drum beats amid hopeless passion-fueled brooding male vocals lost to a droning, fleeting, and relentless heartache of uncertain dreams.

The dramatic black and white video, starring Evrard Anquetil and Elise Renard, captures a sad emotional departure betwixt a couple in love. Somber faces evoke melancholy and fear under vast cloudless skies, tall protective trees, and long, lonely meandering paths to set the stage for a whirlwind of neon-tinged romantic memories to flow helplessly, until the next encounter blooms.

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