WL//WH Video Of The Day: LÚA GRAMER “Arderás”

WL//WH Video Of The Day  LÚA GRAMER

More than two years after the debut LP “Destroy Pop”, Badajoz based, Spanish Indie Pop 5-piece Lúa Gramer comprises David González (Bass), Manuel Salitre (Guitars), Eugenio Abengozar (Drums), Luis Gragera (Guitars, Vocals) and Susana Merino (Vocals, Keyboards), return with the second unreleased track of 2022, “Arderás”, via Clifford Records, joined with a symbolic video by Iván Ayuso, is sure to stir the disenchanted soul with suggestive visions.

The author of the letter tells that ‘ Arderás ’ hides a desire for retaliation in the face of the pain of a rupture. A mistaken feeling of justice that hides negative emotions. It is an emotional rematch full of anger and rancor.

Bittersweet nostalgic daydreams rise and fall with the tumultuous chaos of life’s rollercoaster ride, to concoct warm lithe bass lines, steady lively drum beats, soft airy synth swathes, and relentlessly swayed guitar strums laced with wistful, wistful echoing strains, and erratic abrasive riffs, under multi-layered high-pitched female vocal ecstasy, shedding angsty emotional distortions into detached celestial cries of never-ending hope.

Immersive visuals by Iván Ayuso blur natural landscapes into an Apocalyptic wonderland wept in burning lyrical fascinations. Casual flows of motion set the stage for sightseeing along the seashore where endless horizons and mother nature’s beauty comfort the mind’s eye with sentimental dreams. Skewed camera angles, negative light transitions, and synthetic configurations quickly sync with the distorted nuances of the soundtrack to turn blue skies red under a hazy mental force-field of disconnected dread.

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