WL//WH Video of the Day: LOW BLOWS “Stranger”

Video Of The Day Low Blows

Originally a solo project by Carlos Vergara (This Co.), Barcelona based revisited-post-punk 4-piece Low Blows, made up of Carlos himself on voice and bass, Rubén Carballo on drums, Marcel Molina on keyboards and, the latest addition, former Venus Fly Trap Andrés Silgado on guitar, has just dropped the new single/video “Stranger” taken from Low Blows’ debut album to be released within the year.

Relentless mournful pulsing bass melodies underlie subdued drums and inflamed by sharp distorted bleed in layers of guitar, cutting through dense doom-laden, hissing and droning, patterns of sorrow and torment charged with an impending sense of dread emphasized by beautifully achingly deep forlorn vocals of a man descending into a stifling dim well laid in claustrophobic depression.

A past filled with deception and indiscretion takes hold in fear, paranoia, and complete distrust to the point of accepting a life comprised of misunderstood danger and misplaced anxiety.  A knife in the back by a significant other begins his descent of regret and depression coming full circle.

A melodramatic black and white, “possible ending”, directed by Laura S. Nuñez, and starring Rachel Vera, set against the backdrop of a strikingly beautiful, yet eerily foreboding suspension bridge divided by rich contrasts of dark starless skies and brightly skewed headlights rising from the lost highway below.  Dark shadows slowly seep from the haunted angles of the nightmarish overpass casting eternal doubt and despair over a woman’s irrevocable fate as she rips her blouse,  bears her heart,  and then jumps off the gated traverse to her own demise.
Beautiful poetic lyrics pour from a turbulent sea of brooding intensity strung with resonating bass lines, and emotional fade decay guitar distortion lingering with the words in a macabre dance of disillusioned demise.
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