WL//WH Video of the Day: LOW BLOWS “Choke”

Video Of The Day Low Blows

Originally a solo project by Carlos Vergara (This Co.), Barcelona based revisited-post-punk 4-piece Low Blows, comprised of Carlos himself on voice and bass, Rubén Carballo (Trip City) on drums, Marcel Molina (Odio París) on keyboards and former Venus Fly Trap Andrés Silgado on guitar, has just dropped the new single/video “Choke”

Heavy-pounding suspense-filled drumbeats pound with dramatic relentless bleeding guitar repetitions mixed with light needlings amid, low throbbing bassline as detached, expressionless authoritative vocals foretell dire demise in a guiltless pre-apocalyptic world of oblivion.

Politically charged anti-status quo lyrics describe a static world torn apart by shameless self-inflicted pain and disaster wrought from the greed, vanity, and egotistical selfishness of man including an anthemic chant supporting a well-deserved choke to the filthy virus we have become.

An old black and white movie placed precisely under the soundtrack gives the allusion of the actors speaking the caustic lyrics while military training, radar “lock and load” graphics, and an eagle eye female sharpshooter engage in a meaningless strategic annihilation of the earth and her inhabitants.

Low Blows have just unleashed the insanely dance-inducing killer “Low Blows (Alqa Rmx)”, available on Bandcamp.

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