WL//WH Video Of The Day: LOVE IN PRAGUE “Kim”

Video Of The Day  Love In Prague

French Coldwave duet Love in Prague comprises Benoît GERARD, who creates the core of the music and then Chloé PRAHA, who adds her catchy melodic bass lines to the intriguing mix for the heady, dimensional video, by Z. Vision, of the organic and immersive unreleased new song “Kim.”

Metallic scraping guitar swirls and dire bleeding stringed melodies ring painful moods through light skipping off-tempo beats and groovy, energetic throbbing bassline pulses to lift nostalgic, frightened male vocals shivering poignant intensities into the light airy comfort of female harmonies layering lost memories with crushed chimes, broken promises and forgotten dreams.

Introspective lyrics meander through the low times of life, watching and wondering pensively through years of pain.

An intimate black and white performance clips intertwine with a hypnotic flow of memories to travel back through the Natural elements of time. Electric blue guitar swirls ignite an awkward spin through a 3d View-Master to catch the anxious pace of a twirling second hand, magically teleporting the mind’s eye into the tranquil sky blue tint of an airplane window. Rambling fields spring into clear stream reflections overlooked by the shadowy omens of twirling treetops to pull magnetic shards from the hourglass opulence of an alchemical wave. Aerial views of lunar tides cast crests, currents, and undertows across the grey sullen seashore where willow wisps dance as white fragments floating weightless through an enchanted garden of twilight’s mystic misty skies.

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