WL//WH Video Of The Day: LOVE IN CAGE “Everyone of Us”

Video Of The Day Love in Cage

Established in 2008, hailing from the Gothic spires and old Medieval streets of Normandy‘s capital Rouen, the 3-piece band Love in Cage, inspired their name from the Far East’s Physalis fruit, to craft a distinctive blend of seductively evocative classic 80s Post-punk inspired sound, stirred by cold, enveloping, at times dancing, Electro-Wave leanings and decadent poetry.

Recently the trio dropped a heady video, starring Louise Brunnodottir, for the provocative new single “Everyone of Us” from the announced Love in Cage’s third album.

Infused by a heavy, edgy alluring aura, the Chameleons-tinged “Everyone of Us” is driven by steady punchy drum beats along with a hypnotically rubbery bassline throbbing and rumblings underneath an intoxicating somberly emotive weave of piercing crystalline guitar chimes, abrasive doomy riffs and poignant flourishes to carry bewitching, emotional vocals, revealing dark mysteries, into hypnotic sways of distorted burning passions.

Dramatic black and white visuals contort the mind’s eye of subconscious symbols into a mirage of shadowy secrets. A surreal composition of suggestive poses, seductive silhouettes, and keen kaleidoscopic editing syncs seamlessly with the haunting vibes of the soundtrack to create a disfigured underworld where reflective perceptions and hidden doorways to truth open from beneath a shimmery veil of desirous illusions.

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