WL//WH Video Of The Day: LOVATARAXX “Venus Ana”

Video Of The Day Lovataraxx

Hailing from Strasbourg, France, Lovataraxx is a DIY coldwave / synthwave / dark-synth duo, comprised of Hélène and Julien Lovataraxx, whose musical influences range from Alan Vega’s Suicide, Joy Division, to D.A.F, Tuxedomoon, Front 242, Fad Gadget, creating a sound that blurs the lines of 80s coldwave, dark/industrial pop and movies soundtracks.

Heady lyrics meticulously flow with fierce determination, while propulsive beats, rumbling bass and swirling synth over haunting coarse vocals, forging a poignant concoction of sinisterly circling obscure sounds. Dark ritual pagan themes bring edgy drama into the sonic mix allowing for captivating and intense live performances.

Distant arcane atmospherics and terse kicks erupt into obsessive, tight, pulsating bassline and quick clear evocative female vocals that cut through waves of motion igniting drone alarms to rise in intensity. Repetitive hypnotic backbeats intermix with fast, menacing, and aggressive rhythmic synth bleeding, note to note, into a deep repetitive bass to instill an ominous sense of disoriented mania.

Graphic lyrics, from the poem “Venus Anadyomene” by Arthur Rimbaud, filled with hideous detailed imagery describe a fat, disfigured woman with an overwhelming foul stench emanating from an ulcered anus tattooed, “Clara Venus.” Meant to take aim at modern women’s ideal physical form, “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, Clara‘s attractiveness comes from her confidence and her many imperfections.

Quick flashing strobe lights pierce the darkness of a cathedral holding a synth alter as plumes of smoke drift from abundant candelabra. Statues stare in wonder from the alcoves as disturbing images reveal human torture. Signature echoed yells blur the air as a kaleidoscope of ritual imagery bears witness to the mecca of swirling synth layers rotating at different speeds of harmony.

Catch the band live over their extensive US tour:

07.18 SALEM at  Graveyard Bar W / Major Hex, WINTERMIND
07.19 PORTLAND at The Lovecraft Bar W/ Elrond , DJ Jody Rose
07.20 SEATTLE at Reaktor Space W/ Elrond , Bloom Offering
07.21 OLYMPIA / at 421 EDISON
07.22 CORVALLIS at Suite Zero W /  Bitz ‘n’ Bitz
07.23 CHICO at Blackbird Chico
W / SCOUT, IVERMercury’s Butterfly
07.24 FRESNO Strummer’s / GOTHIC NIGHT/ Pink Teeth Booking
07.26 LOS ANGELES at  THE Handbag Factory W / Bustié, Erleen Nada, Prissy Whip
07.27 SUNLAND SUNSPACE W / Secret Mutilator, WOUNDZ, Centerfold Jesus
07.28 SAN DIEGO at Whistle Stop Bar
07.29 PHOENIX at  The Lunchbox W/ Emcast, Lav Andula, Brooding
07.30 TUCSON at Blacklidge Community Collective WITH Lav Andula
07.31 EL PASO,at  NEON ROSE BAR W / The Anhedonians
08.01 SAN ANTONIO at Bang Bang Bar W / Violetta Crush
08.03 HOUSTON at Leon’s Lounge W/ MUTANTE, MOZE PRAY, Tearful Moon DJ SET
08.04 DALLAS / at RUINS W/ Bathouse
08.07 NEW ORLEANS at  Poor Boys Bar W/ Death Stairs, Boyish Charm
08.08 ATLANTA The Mammal Gallery / TBA Irrelevant Music
08.09 NASHVILLE / TBA  Sugar/Spice Booking & Promotion
08.10 INDIANAPOLIS State Street Pub W/ Stranger Attractor
08.11 COLOMBUS at  Cafe Bourbon W/ 6th circle
08.12 PITTSBURGH at  The Rock Room W Joey Molinaro , Barbara Arriaga-Delaney, Lilith 

08. 14 DETROIT at  New Dodge Lounge Hamtramck W/ The Philterand JH-X9
08.16 CHICAGO at UNDERGROUND LOUNGE W / White batzzz
08.17 ROCK ISLAND at ROZZ TOXX W/ White batzzz
08.18 DUBUQUE at THE BLU ROOM W/ White batzzz

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