WL//WH Video Of The Day: LOST MESSAGES “Our Time Will Come Again”


Following last year’s debut album “Modern Disease”, South Italy‘s Dark Wave duo Davide Colella and Marina Mundo AKA Lost Messages have dropped an evocative video for the soul-stirring dancing and melodic dark synth-driven new single “Our Time Will Come Again” out now on SwissDarkNights Label.

Ominous buzzing pulsing bass lines weave menacing frequencies around dim, icy bright synth melodies and hypnotic slashing snare beats, while intense, passionate male vocals drip painful memories into the shimmering, glistening tapestry of shared tears.

Nostalgic lyrics contemplate the fragility of life and the long and lonely wait to reunite in another plane of existence.

The DIY visuals unfurl misty auras that layer liquid lasers with curved light rays bound in red and blue pulsating dimensions, to evoke enigmatic signs and sad sentiments. Twilight tree tops push a heavy life-force through a dark heartfelt performance, while a solo walk to reflect on lost symbols spins hypnotically toward the other side of a blinding vortex, merging wearily into a sleepy sunset’s cathartic currents.

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