WL//WH Video Of The Day: LONE BISON “Basecamp Cosmos”

Video Of The Day LONE BISON

UK solo project of Ramsgate, Kent-based artist Nick Bonell AKA Lone Bison blends the best of 70s German electronic music with the current golden age of synthesizer-based film soundtracks to concoct an engaging theme of cathartic repetition for his latest Kraut electronica jam infused with Michael Rother-esque sparkling organic flow, “Basecamp Cosmos”, taken from the 13-track debut album “Transistor Memory”, via the brilliant North London‘s DIY label Polytechnic Youth, the experimental Elektronische venture of the previously known imprint The Great Pop Supplement.

 A sprawling, symbolic outdoor video by Ieuan Edwards (aka The Black Gold Press) draws inspiration from the healing aspects of the instrumental track to awaken the mind’s eye of the subconscious into the light of new perceptions.

 A bright and heady tapestry of mental wanderings expands inner dimensions of eye-opening bliss by layering a syncopated bassline with radiant arpeggiated synth melodies and peppy motorik driving grooves, to project cool spatial auras of heightened moods through a transformative interlude of warped shape-shifting frequencies, opening weightless in a free float of calming clarity amid swirling sonic curls and obsessive metallic mists to widen celestial waves of unrelenting carefree abandon.

Distant observer camera angles by Ieuan Edwards capture an introspective walk along an urban seashore to expand numb psychic horizons with endless possibilities. Panoramic views merge cold ambient textures around a wandering traveller whose destiny lies forged between restrictive man-made barriers and the freedom of a natural birthright. Eternally grey outlooks weigh down graffiti-strewn constructions and ancient-modern architectures with a destructive path whilst sunlit shadows emerge to disintegrate the hypnotic flow of looming disasters with a colorful ascension into the earth’s untapped skies.

Lone Bison‘s “Basecamp Cosmos” is taken from the sold-out (100 copies only) clear wax lathe cut 7” “Bernard Grancher / Lone Bison” Split EP.

Lone Bison‘s debut full-length LP, “Transistor Memory”, CD Edition (pressing of 500 in card digipak w/3 insert cards) is available now via Polytechnic Youth, more info here.

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