WL//WH Video Of The Day: LOCUST REVIVAL “Panaphonics”

Video Of The Day Locust Revival

It’s been a couple of years since WL//WH featured a video from the Brisbane, Australia Gothy Post-Punk band led by Steven SchnorrerLocust Revival on the blog.

No longer a solo act, Locust Revival picked up Kelly Spellman and Matthew Deasy for live shows, writing, and artwork to further enhance his gloomy, visceral, and introspective sound as shown in the haunting video for “Panaphonics” one of the 12 tracks included in the incoming sixth full-length album “good grief”, due out tomorrow May 26, 2023.

Murky feelings of brokenness and inferiority inject glistening and piercing guitar echoes, underpinned by throbbing dirgey bass lines and steady hypnotic beats, with merciless melancholic doom, whilst torn, shredded, and ghostly vocals rise and fall into an aching transition of desperate pain.

Grainy black and white visuals capture a disjointed visit to the graveyard to evoke feelings of fear, doubt, and meaninglessness at the hands of a lost bond. Strobing dissociative negative light views merge with shadowy, specter-like performance shots to transform space and time into a parallel timeline of macabre, shapeshifting moods.

Locust Revival‘s new 6th studio album, “good grief”, is out tomorrow May 26, don’t miss out!

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