WL//WH Video Of The Day: LIVING TEMPLES “Lamb Among Wolves”


Started in 2015, Living Temples is the Berlin-based Dark Wave / Post-Punk solo project led by Kalle Fagerberg, who you might recognize as the guitarist from the renowned Brooklyn, NY-based trio Bootblacks, as well as formerly of Liste Noire and The Blank VRS.

As an early foretaste of the upcoming March 31, 2024 release of the band’s sophomore studio album, “Glass”, via Manic Depression Records, Living Temples has shared a music video, directed by Adam Munnings, for the first single, “Lamb Among Wolves”, a song about discerning the truth whilst searching for protection in the wilds of an urban jungle.

Vibrant, angsty, and 80s nostalgic, “Lamb Among Wolves” ignites with propulsive hypnotizing oscillating bass loops, along with stacked pounding marching beats to provide an unstoppable rhythmic momentum, pierced by obsessive piercing guitar ache whilst lonely glowing synth melodies swirl over sad, simmering with anger, vocals, in rippling disconnected flows lit by slight chiming slivers of hope.

Adam Munnings (director of photography) and Elif Zuhal Bayrak (art director) build a dissociative black-and-white realm around Living Temples as he invokes the spiritual suffering of the soundtrack. If a cold, desolate country house setting with a pair of ghostly Betelgeuse twins played by Marco Litta and Johnny Questions doesn’t move you, then the surreal perception caused by the strategic lights and skewed camera angles will. There is also an abundance of religious imagery, wild animal cut scenes, and nightmarish streams of symbolic suggestions to interpret as the lyrical crisis of consciousness unfolds.

Living Temples‘s second LP, “Glass”, is due out, on Vinyl/CD/Digital, on March 31, 2024, via Manic Depression Records.

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