WL//WH Video Of The Day: LITHIX “Rain”

Video Of The Day Lithix

Following last Spring debut album “I Think I’m Dead”, the enigmatic goth dark electronic act LITHIX release an Official Music Video for the hypnotic track “Rain”.

Eerily glistening keyboard notes icily chill light female whisper’s harsh struggle amid slow thumping snare beats, oscillating bass menace, and wavering drone intensities into a crystalline moment of clarity interwoven with high pitch child-like vocals, left paralyzed in lonely, abandoned fear.

Emotional lyrics express a deep uncontrollable passion and all-consuming shame, casting worry and dread into an intimate moment of love.

Tendrils of smoke gracefully sway into grey timelapse clouds, crying raindrops onto a hooded look of betrayal shifting into ominous dark skies strobed in lighting flashes illuminating kaleidoscopic textures. Scenes alternate between a heavily made-up blonde and a demure brunette, both out of place and anxiously uncomfortable, as to the lingering air of uncertainty that turns back time while a young androgyne nervously awaits fate’s decision.

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