WL//WH Video Of The Day: LIGHTS A.M. “Another Life”

Video Of The Day   LIGHTS A.M.   

Norwegian electronic dream-pop music project by composer, musician and member of the electronic rock trio Essence Of Mind, Erlend Eilertsen, a.k.a. LIGHTS A.M., invokes the higher supernatural planes of the far Northern frontier to inspire and uplift, whilst fusing dark, echoing synthetics with emotional ethereal organics to formulate a balanced, immersive and emotional sonic exploration.

An introspective video for the song “Another Life” sets the stage for his upcoming proper first full-length album “Clouds”, following last year’s instrumental concept LP “Stories Without Words”, due out in July 2022 via Belgian independent label Alfa Matrix.

Esoteric lyrics awaken from under a spectacular veil of deception and denial to find a maze of etched cyphers and embedded history waiting to be discovered.

Soft serene yet stirring textures of melancholy and bliss shift shivering strains, fluttering emotions, and cold, humming bass vibrations from distorted post-human frequencies into heartfelt organic vocals, channelling the ancient mysticism of Norway’s spiritual realm through an ethereal sonic landscape cast in heart-skipping stark beats and insightful swirling cinematics, drifting weightlessly into the mind’s eye of revelation.

Original footage by Christian Paulsen sets sprawling landscapes to a surreal flow of motion, to capture vast untold secrets from the bounty of Mother Nature’s beauty. Blurry, disconnected visions open hidden doorways of sepia-tinged memories where sacred archetypes hide in unfocused energy, waiting to guide us from tough times into our ancestors’ inherited wisdom and destiny.

Lights A.M.‘s second full-length album, “Clouds”, is scheduled for release via Alfa Matrix in July 2022.

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