WL//WH Video of the Day: LIAN VEX “Paradox”

Video of the Day  Lian Vex

Australia born, Malta based artist Lian Vex draws on his Post Punk influences to transcribe in his own brand of Dark Wave infused Electronic Body Music. His debut single “Paradox” on Berlin‘s False Positive Records, accompained by the music video directed and produced by Milena Perišić and Nađa Lapčević, is a testament to that fusion.

Shadowy and hypnotic, sombre and intense, industrial tinged, crispy, synthetic beats roll, blip and clash throughout together with eerie droning synth layers permeate with swirling, lush harmonies over alluring, inebriated, and longing vocals, taking twists and turns wrecklessly on a joy ride filled with pain and regret.

Shot on location in Belgrade, Serbia, the visuals unfold exceptional character driven acting set against the rich, dense textures of land and seascapes create a mysteriously romantic yet dangerous and isolated port town tragedy.
A man walks quickly through the night with a worried expression as images of tender loving moments shared with a woman slowly reveal she’s missing. Lights flash and flicker in sync with sinister synths and industrial effects casting shadows of doubt in every corner of a warehouse party near the shore. A substance altering haze of delirium and madness enshrouds our antagonist as careless laughing and dancing mock him. He sees her through the crowd as she quickly disappears in shame and cowardice.
Conflicted he walks down the beach trying to make sense of what he saw as lyrics announce she is forever lost. He falls down on his knees with alternating visions of his love flashing through his mind creating contradictory feelings of sorrow and anger. A hasty decision leads him back to the scene of the party into a face off that will blow your mind!
A tragic love story engulfed in eerie, seductive, and hypnotic rythms pounded out by hard metallic pains of suffering expose deception and betrayal.

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Shot by Ana Melentijević