WL//WH Video of the Day: LES LONGS ADIEUX “Antenna”


After a busy and highly satisfying 2023 marked with the band’s debut studio album “Piccolo Dizionario Di Parole Fraintese”, as a four-piece line-up, and the further “Live at Traffic” LP,  Les Longs Adieux, the DIY Italo Neo Wave band based in Rome started in 2020 by Federica Garenna Lee (vocals, guitars, synth & programming) and Frank Marrelli (guitars), announce the finalization of a long-gestating concept started in 2021, born originally as a the soloist Synth-Pop offshoot, in English language, of Federica, to then become a full-fledged Les Longs Adieux album, titled “Vertigo”, esclusively from the founder duo, with the addition of more recent songs, repleted with a less rock, more electronic sound, mainly made of “arpeggiators, 80’s/90’s suggestions, dreamy guitars and cinematic rarefied atmospheres”.

The wonderfully nostalgic and immersive self relesed video by Federica Garenna herself, for the new song “Antenna” builds anticipation for the scheduled February 21, 2024 release date.

 “Antenna” is his title and by autonomy he hopes for a return to communication. It’s the most exotic piece compared to the rest of “Vertigo”, but it marks the beginning of a new phase for us.

The rousing and emotional “Antenna” casts light droning mists over a wandering web of wistful glistening and rippling guitar melodies along with angsty flashing synth flows, fueled by a steady clickling drum machine, and pulsing bass lines, to sweep fierce impassioned vocal regret through the infuriating sways of eternal love.

“The video, as well as the post, the images and the advertising, have for us the sole purpose of drawing attention to music, which is then the expressive form we have chosen. Everything is absolutely DIY, as per our costume. Spending 5 and a half minutes trying to make the concept of “communication” cost us an influence and a great effort of self-esteem, but for “Antenna” it had to be done.”

Inside a dreamy white cloud, retro-modern visuals by Federica Garenna shuffle an imaginative performance by Les Longs Adieux with an array of communication symbols and a curious mime sequence to elicit the disconnected angst of the soundtrack. A well thought out display of edgy wardrobe and striking make-up dazzle the viewer while haute couture models and suggestive imagery brilliantly hone in on the brooding long distance obsession.

Les Longs Adieux‘s “Synth/Dream Pop Opera” 9-track album, “Vertigo”, is due out on February 21, 2024 on the major digital sharing platforms.

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