WL//WH Video of the Day : LEITMOTIV RAINBOW (Feat. Angelique Noir) “Stay”

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Created in 2013, Leitmotiv Rainbow is the French solo project of Joséphine (half of dark/industrial techno duo Cacophoneuses since 2011.) “Her universe is a mix of classical music, distortions and electronic beats. Her deepest wish would be to play in unusual places in the middle of brown fields.”

In 2016 she released a 10-track debut album titled “Breathe.” A new video, featuring Monochrome Noir‘s Angelique Noir on vocals and lyrics, of the song “Stay” has just been released.

A beautiful, unbearable, fragile, and harsh look at the death of joy.

Foreboding snappy crisp drum beats, soft somber piano chords, tormented, timid angelic pleas echoed with high cries blend with strong, bright, lustrous violins creating an ambiance of pain, doubt, and fear. The penetrating ebb and flow of the violins interchanges with the flat, monotonous, mid octave piano chords creating a conflict reflected in sad, hopeful yet anxious vocals.

A concerned desperate woman has misgivings about her relationship she asks, “Can you hear the silence?” Her pain and anxiety grow as she asks for the pain to be taken away. Finally she is begging for him to stay. A painful look at what it is like to watch your relationship deteriorate as your partner lives in denial.

The accompanied visuals, created by Angelique Noir, use contrast, shadows and slow motion photography with beautiful ballet dancers in sync with the song. Up close slo-mo shots show the pain and endurance of the profession relating it to a long term relationship that takes patience, strength, and fortitude only to end.

Striking instrumentation combined with a fragile voice, sentimental lyrics, and a beautiful video.

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