WL//WH Video Of The Day : LEERE “Viereck”

Video Of The Day

We had already talked about the amazing early dark fruits from one half of Monowelt, Marta Raya, and here is the second half Daria Leere under the Leere moniker.

The Berlin-based Russian born artist bares her soul in a new, totally DIY, video shot in a part of Berlin, where I lived in the early 2000s, the Berlin that was and is no more, very dear to me, honestly showing, unlike most of us, her black and white personality.

“Viereck/Square”, comes from her first 4 tracks and a remix, released on bandcamp, is an awsome analog synth laden, as she likes to call it, ‘postindustrial apocalyptic darkwave’ weighty with melancholy, loneliness and sadness, in a contrast between energy and introspection, restrained passion and cold detachment, defined by her deep and powerful, sensual and haunted at the same time, voice.

Just the minimal brooding sound of synthesizers entwined with a soulful songstress, pure naked and fragile emotions, spellbounding and captivating, gloomy and distressing, sublime sparks of dark magic.

Right yesterday Bat-Cave Productions has announced a forthcoming limited CD release of Leere’s debut LP, it will be available for preorder soon, don’t miss out!

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