WL//WH Video of the Day: LEBEND “By Your Side”

Video of the Day  Lebend

instantly struck us with their debut track ‘Lignina’ the at the end of 2017, Spanish popsters Lebend, based out of Granada, continue without haste to sculpture immaculate dreamgaze gems, as evidenced by the brand new single “By Your Side”.

A mysterious loving ode built of clear anxious reverb-infused guitar melodies needled with skilled and anguished bleeding notes and calm crystalline chords as steady repetitive drum beats strike mid-tempo bursts amid deep throbbing baselines’ dependable pulse as tepid and explicit contemplatives expressed in a quietly steady timbre, deviating only once as failures are expressed, evoking love, harmony and life. A pause of the percussive section builds tension and mystery in a strangely sedate and unemotional love song.

Genuine lyrics reveal a hidden pain not usually expressed; the agony of guilt. After a rough patch, a man employs the efforts of pen, paper and voice to express his hopes, fears, and love to his partner. Thoughtfully considering their feelings and naturally curious nature he answers an anticipated “why”, “I just enjoy life when I’m by your side,” and asks for help and understanding, “Please don’t ever let me fall.” A mature contemplative view of life after the fall expressed in the poetry of word.

Dramatic heartfelt visuals with a surprise ending use time-lapse photography, scenery, as well as lights and shadows to illustrate change and growth. A subway travelling quickly down the tube stops in its tracks. Soon after a girl is skipping joyously down the same tracks set against the backdrop of a soundtrack delving into the dark regions of the human mind. Deep rich hues of the four seasons cast contrast and conflict over spectacular cityscapes and natural areas as a young girl, followed by an unknown person laughs, skips, and grows through the seasons. Her face is against the lens but surprisingly her emotions are always readable. Mirroring the song perfectly including the revealing climax, sends shivers down your spine.

Soothing and triumphant sounds succumb to vocal sadness and dark troubled lyrics, as a riveting video exuding  mystery and innocence hopelessly captures your attention leaving you breathless.

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