WL//WH Video Of The Day: LE VAISSEAU D’OR “Turquoise Blue”


After a sparse string of 4 self-produced EPs and a 2017 Mini-Album, since 2016, Montreal, Québec based band Le Vaisseau D’or, comprised of Étienne Thibeault (guitars, vocals, production),  Olivier Lefebvre (mustang bass, modular synth, vocals), and Gabriel Vallée (guitars, percussions, vocals, production), have finally dropped their new full-length LP,  “Performance”, accompanied by a symbolic video by Studio Sparks, for “Turquoise Blue”, featuring the vocals of Cate Von Csoke.

Teetering between intoxicating misty Psychedelic whirls, contemplative Slowcore languors and velvety, at times fuzzed-out, Shoegaze tones, the band crafts an enveloping reverb-soaked shimmering sonic universe, both enchanting and subtly restless, flecked with lights and shadows, drawing sinuous emotional trails, punctuated by mesmeric reiterations and dilated and echoing frequencies, that organically harmonize together with spectral and ethereal breathy vocalizations, tinged with bittersweet melancholy and pensive romanticism.

Liminal, drowsy and immersive, the song waves in subdued ecstasy, blending, soft hypnotic bassline pulses and sad reflective, shimmery strums, laced with warm echo-filled slide-guitar swirls, weeping and whining wistfully atop a ghostly male/female vocal fusion to manifest the calm feeling of walking hopeful in a pool of “Turquois Blue”, forever.

Ethereal underwater visuals by Studio Sparks spin transformative textures around shining figures of light to sync essentially with the still, quiet ambiance of the soundtrack. Mind-bending computer illustrations surround a pair of free-floating souls with muted neon strobes and spectral urban architectures to expand aural energy fields into newfound perception.

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