WL//WH Video Of The Day: L’AVENIR “Eden” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  L’AVENIR

Rooted in the tradition of Minimal Electro and Cold Synthesizer music of the late ’70s and early ’80s, L’Avenir is the Baltimore, Maryland-based project created in 2012 by the veteran electronic musician and video artist Jason Sloan “to explore his longtime love of Dark Synth and Minimal Wave sound created purely from analog and vintage equipment.”

Following this weekend’s release of the Various Artists compilation “Another Cold World 5”, via Barcelona‘s label Cold Beats Records, L’Avenir has shared the Official Video by Soleil Noir Studios for the featured exclusive track  ‘Eden’,  as well as anticipation for L’Avenir’s seventh album, “Imagination”, scheduled for release in the late Spring of 2024 through German DIY imprint EINS:ZWEI:ACHT.

Dealing with the fateful darkness of our historical timeline and the difficult feeling of suffering in vain that can take hold during periods of dim faith, “Eden” imbues a solemn, immersive aura, that dances unremittingly on a hypnotic metronomic pace of punchy skipping rhythm patterns and broody gurgling oscillating bass tones, slowly surrounded by the ceremonial rise of icy-bright earnest synth swathes over sad, disparaged vocals, floating ghost-like through a heavy foreboding, toward a distant horizon of vibrant hope.

The Official video directed by Soleil Noir Studios warps space and time around a shadowy performance by L’Avenir by using surreal editing techniques to sync with the lost disconnection of the soundtrack. To evoke the melancholy, dread, and confusion of the lyrics, a hazy, subconscious veil obstructs the beauty of cheerful blossoming trees and colourful springtime flowers whilst symbolic landmarks morph, ever so subtly, into an unclear, haunting vision.

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