WL//WH Video Of The Day: LAURENT COLSON “Mirrored Identity”(Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day  Laurent Colson

Laurent Colson is a veteran Electronic composer, arranger, remixer, and producer from Paris, France, who began his music career in the 1990s under the moniker Lost Memories.

Over the years, his dynamic focus becomes a cinematic vision, a mix of modern musical techniques, dark mysticism, and synthetic computer voice technology, as reflected in the video release of “Mirrored Identity”, off his recently released 13-track sixth full-length LP “Invisible”, an entrancing, metaphysical and creative futuristic fantasy deftly coalescing of a wide range of electronic nuances such as Ambient, Synth-Wave, Darkwave, Trance, Chill-wave, and Witch-House, laced with a rich, retro-tinged, refined musicality.

Stirred by knocking heart-beating kicks, “Mirrored Identity” waxes and wanes infused with introspective moods, blending steady pounding snares, stuttering percolating percussive loops, and buzzing low ends, with warm, serene morphing swathes of lonesome cosmic melancholy and an array of expanding synth textures to encompass shifting female vocal echoes, ranging from whispery celestial breezes, reverberating cries to soft urgent spoken word, with trembling, blowing, and sizzling sensations.

Hypnotic liquid horizons ceremoniously sync with the exploratory vibes of the soundtrack, opening blocked doorways to discovery with thought forms of a new star rising. Fuzzy upside-down dimensions unwind reversed perceptions and backward flows of wisdom to emerge into suggestive graphic overlays where symbols, sigils, and reflections shatter cube mind acumen with futuristic insight from a focused imagination.

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