WL//WH Video Of The Day: LAURA SCHEN “Under The Skin”

Video Of The Day Laura Schen

The constantly evolving Berlin-based experimental one-woman band, musician, singer and producer Laura Schen brightens the dark side of the moon with her fourth album “Moonworld”, feeding your senses with her danceable, sensual and vibrant synth-driven electro darkwave sound, fueled by mysterious atmospheric traits and dizzy cosmic nuances.

The Italian-bred artist has just released the video for the song “Under The Skin” directed by Robert Hanna.

Twinkling and hypnotic eerie synth chords sparkle among urgent syncopated broken beats racing around haunted, alluring visceral moans and gasps to form an undulating undertow of discomforting turmoil, shrouded and entranced in icily dramatic cosmic realms.

Esoteric lyrics explore the dualism between two different states of mind and the war of leaving the past behind and “exchange your life and the spirits behind you.”

The Black and White visuals capture a lost moment in time wherein lies a shift in dimension, creating a push and pull tension between opposite forces into a shadow world of hidden corridors and mysterious snake rituals.

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